High-impact cannons in cleaning operations

Hussein Kadour Ponce

High-impact cannons in cleaning operations Explore the benefits of using high-impact cannons in cleaning

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Hussein Kadour Ponce Maintenance and washing of land tanks and platforms.

High-level equipment

Contrarily, when it comes to tank cleaning services for land and maritime tanks, as well as petroleum wells and other facilities, our commitment stands out. The tank cleaning services provided by Hussein Kadour Ponce are the ideal solution for ensuring efficient and safe storage. Our decisive focus is on maintaining tanks in optimal conditions while rigorously adhering to established quality standards.

In the storage industry, proper cleaning of tanks, petroleum wells, and other facilities where our commitment shines is crucial to ensure the integrity of stored products and prevent any form of contamination or deterioration.

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State-of-the-art machinery

In addition, our highly skilled and experienced team uses specialized techniques and equipment to perform thorough and efficient cleaning. Whether the tanks are located on land or in maritime environments, we adapt to the specific needs of each client. Our services range from sediment and waste removal to tank disinfection and purification. We work with precision and meticulousness, ensuring that each task is carried out safely and efficiently.

We ensure that all our procedures comply with industry regulations and standards. Moreover, we use environmentally friendly products and techniques, minimizing the environmental impact during our operations.

Hussein Kadour Ponce Maintenance and washing of land tanks and platforms.
Hussein Kadour Ponce Maintenance and washing of land tanks and platforms.


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However, the cleaning of tanks, both on land and at sea, as well as petroleum wells and others, is a testament to our commitment. We excel in nitrogen tank cleaning, prioritizing safety and meeting quality standards. Trust our services for tank cleaning, including petroleum wells and more, led by Hussein Kadour Ponce, ensuring secure and high-quality storage.

Ultimately, our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction drives us to provide customized and reliable solutions. Get in touch with us and discover how we can optimize your storage operations.

Specialists in tank, structure, and platform cleaning. We provide expert services to ensure cleanliness, maintenance, and optimal performance in a safe and efficient manner. Hussein Kadour Ponce


Hussein Kadour Ponce Maintenance and washing of land tanks and platforms.


Hussein Kadour Ponce Maintenance and washing of land tanks and platforms.

Trained team

Ensuring Workplace Security Hussein Kadour Ponce Maintenance and washing of land tanks and platforms.



Our mission at OITECH S. DE R.L. DE C.V./OILTECH is to provide high-quality cleaning services for terrestrial and maritime tanks. We utilize advanced technologies to offer efficient and long-lasting solutions in the field of nitrogen tank cleaning.

Moreover, we are committed to promoting sustainable development and strictly adhering to high health, safety, and environmental standards in all our operations.

Our services not only ensure tank efficiency and durability but also contribute to environmental preservation and risk prevention.

Trust OITECH/OILTECH to maintain your nitrogen tanks in optimal conditions, reaping tangible benefits and complying with environmental regulations. We are dedicated to delivering reliable, safe, and quality service, meeting our customers’ needs and contributing to environmental care in terrestrial and maritime tank cleaning.


Our vision at OITECH S. DE R.L. DE C.V./OILTECH is to be leaders in the cleaning of terrestrial and maritime tanks, providing quality solutions while caring for the environment and embracing our social responsibility. We drive innovation and sustainability through the use of advanced technologies, aiming to meet the needs of our customers, employees, community, and shareholders.

We strive for excellence and continuous improvement, adopting business practices that promote sustainable development and generate a positive impact in all our operations.

You can trust us to deliver solutions that effectively balance business success with environmental and social responsibility in terrestrial and maritime nitrogen tank cleaning.